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When Darren Percival boldly resonated out of televisions in the lounge rooms of millions of Australians on the first series of The Voice in 2012, his unforgettable and uplifting performances went straight to their hearts and thirty years of dedication to his craft was recognized.

Darren is more than just a singer.

He is one of Australia's most accomplished vocalists, a Gold record selling recording artist, gifted musician, dedicated songwriter, the wizard of vocal looping, an avid painter and renowned vocal coach.

   Recently, he created Sonic Exhibition - an audio art gallery  to share his original music with people everywhere...

     He established The Singing Space in 1997 to offer individuals,  gatherings and choirs the tools to unlock the barriers that stop them from singing and vocalising freely.

    His company Harmonious Collaborations facilitates offsite retreats for corporations to maximize business outcomes, transform the wellness of their teams and strengthen productivity by giving confidence to the top talent.

        Darren plans to share his gift of inspiring people to be brave and speak from their heart as they sing out loud. The science is in,  the word is out - singing is good for our health.